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All Fall Down was a Teletubbies DVD released exclusively in the US.

Featuring: Adele Penny with Bradley Fernandes, Laura Highcock, Amy Morin, Vivian Parnell-Murphy, Shona Patel-Mehta, Ian Paterson, and Natalie Shepherd & The Children of Bartiemas Nursery School, Oxford

Teletubbies Everywhere- International Inserts: NAMBIA, SPAIN

Teletubbies Everywhere Segments

  • Dune Sledding (Namibia)
  • Picking Mandarins (Spain)

Teletubbyland Segments

Special Features


  • Dipsy was both the missing teletubby and the boo shouter.
  • This was the last Teletubbies video and series to be released on DVD.
  • This is the last US Teletubbies DVD to have Rolf Saxon as the narrator.
  • When the 2nd Teletubbies Everywhere episode is over, instead of the ''Bye Bye'' segment with Laa-Laa as the Last 1, it's with Tinky Winky as the Last 1.
Teletubbies- All Fall Down!

Teletubbies- All Fall Down!

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