The Up and Down Dance

Tinky winky with tutu hair.gif

The Teletubbies dance an up and down dance. The Teletubbies watch as two little girls dance ballet. In Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky wears the skirt to do a special round and round dance. He dances round and round outside the house, but the skirt gets stuck in the doors. He dances his special round and round dance in front of the trees, but the skirt gets caught on the trees. Tinky Winky danced his special round and round dance inside. He dances round and round and the Noo-noo tidies up the skirt. The skirt feels ticklish inside the Noo-noo and when he blows it out, it lands on Tinky Winky's head. Now Tinky Winky can dance his very special round and round dance in a very special way. The teddy bear dances for the Teletubbies on his carousel.

Tinky-Winky showing his dance


  • This episode "Ballet" is the US Version only.
  • Tinky Winky is the boo shouter in this episode.
  • The TV Event is shown on Silly Songs & Funny Dances.
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