Air Date

24 December 1997


Vic Finch


Making Christmas Cards


Christmas Carols

The Teletubbies are sitting at the table eating their Tubby Toast until they hear a voice trumpet whisper, 'Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse'. Then, they repeat the poem before the windmill spins.

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After that, the Teletubbies watch two children who are making Christmas crackers for each other. Dipsy is very pleased to find his present is a cracker. He looks for the other Teletubbies to pull the cracker with, and when they do it makes a lovely pink bang. The Teletubbies fall backwards. Tinky Winky and Po fall backwards into the house and Dipsy and Laa Laa fall backwards into a tree. Then they all have a Big Hug.

Featuring: Nadia Khan and Sam Whittaker

Plot (US Version)


  • The 'bang' noise when the Teletubbies open the cracker is the same one when the Teletubbies logo pops in the intro.
  • The Dipsy's Cracker segment was featured in the VHS Happy Christmas from the Teletubbies.
  • Laa Laa was the missing teletubby
  • Tinky Winky was the boo shouter



Teletubbies- Christmas Crackers - HD Video


When the cracker opens, a small pink drum can be seen on the ground. But when the Teletubbies come back for Big Hug, it's gone.


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