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Favourite Games is a Teletubbies PC game for children aged 2-4. It was released in 1999 by Ragdoll Productions and BBC Multimedia (Knowledge Adventure US Game Version only).

There are five activities to play in this game:

  • Making Tubby Custard
  • Rolling
  • Exercises
  • Hiding
  • TV Event
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The game begins like the intro in the TV series. The Sun Baby rises over some hills. Then the house is shown and you hear 'Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play'. Then one by one, the Teletubbies pop out of the hole at the top of the house and the Teletubbies logo appears. Then when the logo bursts, the Menu appears.

The bottom of the screen has the Teletubbies logo and the windmill. The Teletubbies logo just makes noises and if you click on it and the windmill will take you back to the Menu. 

When you click the exit button, the credits will appear as there is no Tubby Bye-Bye.

Making Tubby Custard


The Making Tubby Custard activity.

This activity starts with Noo Noo tidying up, the Teletubbies arrive into the house. The Narrator says it's time for Tubby Custard. The Teletubbies go to the Tubby Custard Machine. The buttons appear at the bottom of the screen, these are the buttons to operate the Tubby Custard Machine.

You can switch to another Teletubby just by clicking on them. You can also make a mess. Noo Noo will tidy up if you click on him. Once a Tubby Custard bowl is full the Teletubby will bring it to the Tubby Table. When all four bowls are made the Teletubbies will eat their Tubby Custard. The Teletubbies love Tubby Custard.



The Rolling activity.

This activity starts with the Teletubbies arriving on top of a hill. The Narrator says it's time for the Teletubbies to play a Rolling Game. In this game, you have to roll each Teletubby down the hill and to get their favourite thing. You can choose which Teletubby you want to roll down the hill.

Along the way when your rolling down the hill, you can stop to look at objects from episodes that appear from far away. These objects include

  • Crown
  • Watering Can
  • Flag
  • Drum
  • Little Lamb
  • Guitar.

Other objects you can look at are things you would normally see in Teletubbyland, these are trees, flowers and the skirt which the Teletubbies wear and dance in (except Dipsy, who runs away from it because he doesn't like the skirt). When Each Teletubby says 'Again Again' after you've looked at the objects, you can keep on rolling down the hill. When the Teletubbies find their favourite things they stop and end their rolling. When all the Teletubbies have their favourite things, they have a Big Hug.



The Exercises activity.

This activity starts with the Teletubbies arriving on top of a hill. The Narrator says it's time for the Teletubbies to do their exercises and a voice trumpet rises. The Teletubbies start marching . There are six exercises to choose:
  1. Hop on one leg
  2. Side to Side
  3. Arms up
  4. Jumping
  5. Touch Toes
  6. Bump Tummies

The voice trumpet will change the tune that plays will the Teletubbies exercise if you click on it, there are three tunes to choose, a normal tune, a lovely piano tune and a fast tune. The Teletubbies logo will choose and exercise for the Teletubbies to do if you click on it. The Teletubbies love to exercise.



The Hiding activity.

Three pairs of colourful curtains appear from far away. The Teletubbies play a Hiding Game with the curtains. The idea of this game is to hide three Teletubbies and the remaining Teletubby has to find one of them.

The Narrator tells you which Teletubby to find, if you move the mouse to a curtain, the Teletubby hiding behind it will laugh so this will help you find the Teletubby you're looking for. But the Teletubbies can also swap curtains, if you find the wrong Teletubby, it's okay because you can keep going until you find the right one. Once you've found the Teletubby, they will all come back and play again and again.

TV Event


The TV Event Main Menu.

This activity starts with the windmill spinning, the Teletubbies run up to a hill for the TV Event segment like in the television series. Each Teletubby's aerial lights up and the windmill keeps spinning. You can choose a Teletubby and watch a video from that Teletubby's Tummy. There are five videos you can watch:

  1. How Fish Swim
  2. Sophie Art - Circus
  3. Washing the Car
  4. Carnival
  5. Playing with Dough

Each video has a mini activity you can play.

  • How Fish Swim - A small activity where you can make fish swim around on screen.
  • Sophie Art - Circus - You can make your own circus picture and make everything move like a circus performance.
  • Washing the Car- You can make a car very dirty with Mud, Leaves and other messy things, then you can clean it all with a Sponge and Hose.
  • Carnival - You can make colourful carnival costumes for Simone and Sacha.
  • Playing with Dough - You can make colourful dough people and objects.


  • To avoid children from accidentally going back to the desktop of the computer that is being used, the only way to exit the game is to use the Esc button.
  • At the beginning of the Rolling and Exercise activities, as the Teletubbies arrive, the run away music from the intro plays in the background.
  • In the Rolling game, Tinky Winky does not say 'Again Again' after looking at the objects, instead he laughs.
  • Some of the music, Teletubbies phrases and giggles sounds are taken from the episodes listed in the TV Event activity. Two of the Teletubbies 'Oooh' sounds from the Lion and Bear (original sketch) are used in this game. When you put the curser over the T.V Event activity, the first sound they make when they hear the Lion roaring is heard. Then when you select an activity as the icon floats into the middle of the screen, the second sound they make when they hear the Lion roaring is heard.
  • The US Title is Teletubbies "2" Favorite Games.
  • For some reason, in the TV Event activity in the US Version, American children talk over the children in the videos.


Teletubbies Favourite Things (1999) PC Gameplay (UK Version)-0

Teletubbies Favourite Things (1999) PC Gameplay (UK Version)-0


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