Air Date

16 April 1998


Vic Finch


My Dad's a Tram Driver


Naughty Sausage

Not to be confused with the reboot episode of the same name.

Po eats some Tubby Custard and then runs off to see some children playing Football in the park. Laa-Laa and Po decide to play with Laa-Laa's ball. Po waits while Laa-Laa fetches the ball and while she waits, she sings a song about the ball. Laa-Laa comes back with the ball and they play with it. While they play, Laa-Laa and Po sing a song about the ball. Then the windmill spins and the Teletubbies watch the Pink House before Tubby Bye-Bye.

Featuring: Ayende & Yusef Ali, Lorenzo Black, Foluke Cole, Malcolm & Ashleigh Sawyers and Thomas Wilson

Plot (US Version) ("Soccer")

The Teletubbies Everywhere segment features counting to 7 with Dipsy, while Tinky Winky and Po run about, Laa-Laa chases after her ball and the film from Argentina shows some small Argentinean boys enjoying a game of soccer.

In Teletubbyland, Laa-Laa is playing with her ball but it begins to rain, so Laa-Laa plays with her ball indoors - not very carefully. It makes everybody fall over, so they are very happy when the rain stops and Laa-Laa can play with her ball outside. The Teletubbies watch the dancing bear and dance a falling down dance.


  • This episode re-uses the opening segment from Drawing Cacti
  • The Football video was featured in the VHS Hands, Feet and Dirty Knees
  • The boo shouter was Tinky Winky
  • Laa-Laa was the missing teletubby.
  • The episode title was changed to 'Soccer' in the US.


During the main segment, the windmill is not behind the house.

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Teletubbies Football - HD Video-0

Teletubbies Football - HD Video-0

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