Funny Lady (Portrayed by Tamzin Griffin) is a nice lady who likes to tell funny stories to children. Her best friend is a teddy bear named Teddy.

In the Funny Lady videos when the children say hello, one child will say 'Come and see Tamzin playing Funny Lady!'. Funny Lady sits in her big chair covering her face with her hands. Then the children arrive and say 'Knock Knock Knock, can we come in?'. Then Funny Lady invites the children to sit down. She then says that she's going to be the Funny Lady. After a few seconds of silence, she makes a funny face and noise and the children laugh. Then she will tell her story. After the story is finished, Funny Lady and the children enjoy some (imaginary) tea and biscuits before saying goodbye.



  • She has been seen as disturbing and creepy to some fans, especially adults, other fans some adults and mostly kids find her to be funny.
  • The Funny Lady along with King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys and Andy Brown are the best known Teletubbies TV Event adults.
  • In the USA, the Funny Lady episodes are banned. That's beacuse the Americans are very controversial on this.
  • The first episode that Funny Lady appears in 'Naughty Sock' is the only episode that plays the Funny Lady clip twice. In all the other episodes that feature Funny Lady, the clip plays once.
  • In the Netherlands, the Funny Lady videos are remade with a Dutch women playing the Funny Lady. This also happens with some of the German episodes.
  • The Funny Lady, who was portrayed by Tamzin Griffin, appeared in 14 episodes.