Happy Weather Stories is a Teletubbies video.

It was released on VHS and DVD in 2002.


  • Teletubbies favourite things have blown away! (From Land Yachting)

Featuring: Kieran Gangaram, Michael Johnson and Rachel Trew, Thomas & Jack Armstrong; The Children of Hunter Mountain; Lewis Reynolds & Mary Duncan


  • This has many modified versions of the Windmill clips.
  • The Teletubbies favourite things have blown away segment opens with a clip from the episode Jabadao, where the wind blows and shakes some trees and flowers.
  • Laa-Laa was the boo shouter
  • This is the first video where Dipsy is the missing Teletubby.
  • This is the fifth video to have only one scene with Dave Thompson as Tinky Winky. That scene being Dipsy's magic weather book.


Teletubbies Happy Weather Stories

Teletubbies Happy Weather Stories

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