Here Come the Teletubbies, retitled Meet the Teletubbies in some releases, is the first Teletubbies VHS. It was released in 1997 in the UK by BBC and Ragdoll Productions and on 1 September 1998 in the US by PBS along with Dance with the Teletubbies.[1]

It was later re-released on DVD along with Dance with the Teletubbies in 2000. It was then re-released on VHS/DVD in 2003.


  1. Four Happy Teletubbies (From Jumping)
  2. Time for Tubby Toast (From Ned's Bicycle)
  3. Playing in the Rain
  4. Mind the Puddle (From Playing in the Rain)
  5. Animal Parade
  6. Tinky Winky's Heavy Bag (From Delilah Packing)
  7. Po's Falling Down Day (From Humpty Dumpty) (Removed from US version)
  8. Who Spilled the Tubby Custard? (From Painting with Hands and Feet)
  9. Laa-Laa's Watering Can (From Making Flowers)
  10. Tubby Toast Accident (From Feeding the Chickens) (in the US the windmill freezes)
  11. The Beach (Moved to before Tubby Toast Accident in US version)
  12. Where's My Hat? (From The Beach) (Removed from US version)

Special Features for US Version DVD

  1. Noo-Noo stretches Po's blanket
  2. Becky's Flake Cakes

Featuring: Thomas & Jonathan Becker, Natasha Marshall, Zoe Robinson and the Children of Jordan's Village Nursery School, Beaconsfield


  • The rare original window Windmill clip was shown when the Teletubbies were about to eat Tubby Toast before they watched Playing in the Rain at the TV Receiver sequence. It might be ironic how a rare Windmill clip be shown in a VHS volume, making it not so rare.
  • In the US version the bird's eye Windmill animation sequence is seen before the beach TV receiver sequence.
  • Another rare Magic Windmill clip was shown after the Tubby Toast Accident but before the TV Receiver Sequence. It was when the Windmill was shown in its Normal animation with window, but was making the Stop Spinning sound. Ironically, in the US version, the TV Receiver Sequence was shown BEFORE the tubby toast accident, and the rare Windmill animation was used then stopped, thus following the Tubby Bye Bye event.
  • Po was both the boo shouter and the missing Teletubby.
  • Before the Beach TV event, the Magic Windmill spins with the stops spinning tune.
  • The 2003 re-release uses a different opening shot for the Four Happy Teletubbies segment that features the different title "Meet the Teletubbies."


  • The 2004 US VHS had Dash and Dot on the front and back cover of the tape, however it both opens and closes with the PBS Kids P-Pals logo.
    • This was fixed on the DVD.
  • On the Norwegian cover, it features an image from Missing Favourite Things (from Josies Pots and Favourite Things) on VHS and DVD, but that scene wasn't on this release, and what's more, the Windmill is also mirrored on the same cover.
  • On the back of the US version's case, The Windmill is mirrored in one shot.
  • On the US DVD disc, the Teletubbies don't have TVs on their tummies.

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Teletubbies - Here Comes The Teletubbies (2004 Paramount VHS Rip) (IT'S THE REAL DEAL)

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