The Teletubbies are hiding behind different hills. One by one they each pop up and say hello to each other. Then they say goodbye and pop back down behind the hill. Then the Teletubbies watch Rohanda, who has a drum kit. She tells us the names of all the drums hitting them as she goes through the names. Then she plays all the drums together. Rohanda starts to play the drums and one by one her family join in. Her dad on Bass, her sister on piano and her sister on the tambourine. Finally her mother claps her hands. Then one by one her family stop playing until Rohanda is the only one left. In Teletubbyland, Po sings a song. Po sings her song to Laa-Laa. Laa-Laa thought Po's song was lovely and she decides to join. Laa-Laa and Po sing their song to Dipsy. Dipsy joins in when Laa-Laa and Po sing their song again. Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po sing their song to Tinky Winky and then he joins in too. The Teletubbies agree that it is a lovely song to sing together. They sing it again. The Teletubbies dance a Tip Toe Dance.


  • This episode "Joining in the Band" is the US Version only. In the other US episode is Ballet.
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