Naughty Hat
Naughty Hat



Air Date

7 April 1998


Vic Finch


Feeding the Monkeys


The Gingerbread Boy

In Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky is out for a walk with his bag. Just then, the Magic Windmill starts spinning the Teletubbies watch Funny Lady tell the story of the Naughty Hat. Dipsy can't find his hat, but then it falls from sky and lands on his head. Tinky Winky can't find his bag, but then Po comes out of the house with his bag and she gives it to him. Laa-Laa can't find her ball, but then it bounces over the hills and she catches it. Po can't find her scooter, but then it comes over to her and she rides it.

Featuring: Tamzin Griffin with The Children of Chater Infants School, Watford


  • Po was the missing teletubby.
  • Dipsy was the boo shouter.


Teletubbies Naughty Hat - Full Episode

Teletubbies Naughty Hat - Full Episode

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