Teletubbies Pulling the blanket out of Noo Noo.

The Teletubbies were taking a nap. The Noo-Noo was busy tidying up their blankets, but Po doesn't want the Noo-Noo to tidy up hers. So the Teletubbies got out the blankets, acting like a force to do so and the Noo-Noo stays still. After the Teletubbies fall down, they find out that the Noo-Noo had their blankets turned into a long one, because the Noo-Noo was smart at combining more than one object into one object at a time. The Teletubbies all went back to their rest. After they deserved a big hug after a rest for about under a minute, they saw the magic windmill starting to spin and the Teletubbies exit the house/dome for a magic event and the magic windmill stops spinning.