Air Date

30 January 2001


Vic Finch


Action Story


My Dad's a Policeman

The Noo-Noo is tidying up the house and Dipsy comes down the slide. The Teletubbies do the Walking Dance. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Laa-Laa walk around some hills and say 'Eh-Oh!', then Po pops up, and says 'Eh-Oh!'. The Teletubbies watch some children riding on rickshaw pulled by a man on a bicycle.

Po rides her scooter very fast around the house. Then she rides it outside, and zooms past Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Laa Laa, who fall over. Po goes very fast on her scooter, but when she goes up a hill, her scooter lifts up off the ground, and into the sky. Po flies all over Teletubbyland. She flies over the house, some trees, and the other Teletubbies. After flying over Teletubbyland, Po begins to float down again, but as she floats down, she crashes into a big bush, and gets stuck. The other Teletubbies can't find her, then she jumps out of the bush, and they all have a Big Hug.

Featuring: Nigel Winfield and Children from Christchurch School, East London


  • This is the last episode to have the Walking Dance.
  • After the Walking Dance, the opening segment from Hermit Crabs is re-used, but there is no music.
  • The main segment of this episode would later be re-made for the reboot episode Flying. However, instead of crashing into a bush, Po just lands back on the ground.
  • This is the second episode where Po flies up into the sky. The first episode was Butterfly but with the kites.
  • The boo shouter was Tinky Winky.
  • Po was the missing Teletubby.


Teletubbies Rickshaw 352 Cartoons for Children

Teletubbies Rickshaw 352 Cartoons for Children

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