See-Saw (aka See-Saw Margery Daw)



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14 April 1997


David G Hillier


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See-Saw (also known as See-Saw Margery Daw) is the 11th episode of the series. It first aired on 14th April, 1997.


The Bear

The Teletubbies go down the slide inside the Home Hill. The Magic Windmill starts spinning and they rush outside to watch some children dancing to King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys playing See-Saw Margery Daw. Later, the Teletubbies watch Po trying to go up on the slide but she keeps sliding down a few times. The Magic Windmill starts spinning again, and the Teletubbies rush outside again to watch the Magical Event. A Lion and Bear play hide and seek in Teletubbyland. Then the Teletubbies go to do the Walking Dance. Afterwards, they see the Magic Windmill stop spinning, the Teletubbies say 'Uh Oh!' and run away as it's time for Tubby Bye-Bye

The Magic Windmill making the Stop spinning sound without the Stop spinning animation From Penguins

The Magic Windmill making the Stop spinning sound without the Stop spinning animation

Featuring: King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys, The Pupils of Chuckery Infants School, Walsall


  • The windmill animation that is used when the Teletubbies are inside the Home Hill at the beginning can be also been seen in Ned's BicycleLarette Tap Dancing and The Gingerbread Boy.
  • This was a very controversial episode due to the scariness of the Lion and the Bear sketch. Numerous parents complained about the sketch being too scary for their children.
  • When the Teletubbies rush back to see the windmill stop spinning, they are at the same place as they were when they were watching the Lion and the Bear. They visit this spot in other episodes as well.
  • This is one episode that has the Walking Dance after the Lion and Bear. The other episode is The Pier.
  • This is the only episode where some music plays as the Teletubbies run off at the end of the Lion and Bear.
  • Dipsy was the missing Teletubby
  • Po was the boo shouter.
  • When the windmill spins for the TV Event, the Magical Event tune plays. Then after the Teletubbies leave the Home Hill, the Magical Event tune plays at the same time as the TV Event tune.
  • The German version of this episode is called 'Nena: Bathing' and has a different TV Transmission video.
  • This is the second episode to have the video segment filmed at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The other three episodes were The Grand Old Duke of York, Humpty Dumpty, and Hey Diddle Diddle.
  • The episode was featured on Channel 5's When Kids TV Goes Horribly Wrong due to the appearance of the Lion and the Bear.


  • When the Teletubbies run outside to watch the Lion and Bear, the Windmill's sparkles are missing.


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