Simon Shelton Barnes (January 13, 1966 - January 17, 2018) was a British actor and Ballet Choreographer. He was known for portraying Tinky Winky. Simon Shelton took over the role of Tinky Winky after original performer Dave Thompson was sacked after 70 episodes. When Shelton began performing as Tinky Winky, he became both the suit performer and voice. Tinky Winky's voice was originally dubbed by Mark Heenehan in the episodes where Dave Thompson performed in the suit. In these episodes Tinky Winky was given a very masculine but very jolly voice. Simon Shelton's voice for Tinky Winky was still very jolly but more high pitched and child-like.

On the morning of January 17, 2018, Shelton reportedly died from hypothermia after being found in the street near Liverpool Waterfront.