Teletubbies 08

Laa-Laa with some of the Talking Flowers.

The Flowers grow all around Teletubbyland in bunches of twos or threes. The flowers grow in four sets of colours:
  • Yellow petals and Red in the middle (Sometimes with white around the petals)
  • Blue petals and Orange in the middle
  • Orange petals and Blue in the middle
  • Pink petals and Blue in the middle

They usually comment on the Teletubbies activities. They speak in very high-pitched female English accents.

Some of the most common phrases used by the flowers include:

  • Lovely water!
  • Look at that!
  • Bravo!
  • Well done!
  • Very clever indeed!
  • Hello!
  • Aaagh! A spider!
  • It's only a toy.
  • It's disappeared!
  • I say, we haven't got it.
  • I say, there's no hat here.
  • I say, we don't even like scooters.
  • What is that.
  • Ooh, look!
  • Oh, how silly!
  • Oh stop at one! Oh she needs lessons!
  • Haven't they seen snow before?
  • How delightful!
  • How picturesque!
  • How lovely!
  • Oh, whatever can it be?
  • This is exciting!
  • Ooh, did you see that?
  • Ooh, how awful!
  • How very silly!
  • Ridiculous!
  • Not as nice as us!
  • Going much too fast
  • Very dangerous
  • Fancy riding a scooter when you're asleep
  • How can she see where she's going?


  • The Talking Flowers are not in the reboot series.
  • In most foreign languages the flowers sound similar to the English voices. However, there are some languages where they sound completely different, e.g. In the French version, the flowers whisper when they talk. In the German version, the flowers sound like high pitched robots.