The Teletubbies are the title characters of the TV show of the same name. They are four characters who live in the grassy lovely place known as Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies love to play in Teletubbyland. They live in a dome well known as the Tubbytronic Superdome. The Teletubbies include the following:

  • Tinky Winky, the biggest Teletubby, who is bluish-purple and gentle
  • Dipsy, the second-biggest Teletubby, who is green and stylish
  • Laa-Laa, the second-smallest Teletubby, who is yellow and bubbly
  • Po, the smallest Teletubby, who is red and soft-spoken
  • The Tiddlytubbies, cute babies.
  • The Noo-Noo, the blue (new series: pink, gold and orange) vacuum cleaner.

They are encouraged by the Narrator and Voice Trumpets to do new things each day. The Talking Flowers comment on their activities. The Baby Sun watches and laughs when funny things happen. The Rabbits can be seen running around Teletubbyland and they love the Teletubbies. The Magic Windmill tells the Teletubbies when it's time for TV Tummy or a Magical Event or Tubby Bye-Bye. They drink Tubby Custard and eat Tubby Toast if they want to.   

Latest On Teletubbies

June 2014: In England, the BBC announced it had ordered 60 episodes of a new series of Teletubbies to be aired, with Wildbrain (known as DHX Media at the time), which recently acquired Ragdoll Productions, producing the series. This marks the first new episodes of the series since 2001 and the first to be aired on CBeebies, after reruns of the original series were broadcast on the channel. However, the new series will be filmed on replica model sets instead of Wimpstone Farm in Warwickshire (the original setting for Teletubbyland) since a pond now exists where the Tubbytronic Superdome had been because Rosemary Harding, the owner of the farm, was fed up of fans of the show trespassing on her land.

April 2015: DHX has announced that actor and comedian, Daniel Rigby (Flyboys, Eric and Ernie) was confirmed as the show's narrator, Television and Radio presenter, actress, voice artist, DJ and author, Fearne Cotton (Smile, Top of the Pops, Children in Need, Love Island, Celebrity Juice, The Xtra Factor, BBC Radio 1), Academy Award winning actor, Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter (film series), Moulin Rouge!, Bridget Jones (film series), Paddington (film series), actress and singer, Antonia Thomas (Misfits, Lovesick, The Good Doctor) were announced as the voices for the Voice Trumpets (Thomas also is the female narrator that says the opening and closing lines in the new series) and actress, comedian, voice artist, musician and singer, Jane Horrocks (Absolutely Fabulous, Little Voice, The Witches, Corpse Bride, Chicken Run, Life Is Sweet, Sunshine on Leith, Tinkerbell (film series)) will voice the Tubby Phone, a new device that transports the Teletubbies to the real world with actress, voice actress and singer, Teresa Gallagher (The Amazing World of Gumball, The Mr Men Show (UK dub), Thomas & Friends, Alphablocks, Numberblocks, The Octonauts) as The Tiddlytubbies and voice of the Voice Trumpets, voice actor and comedian, Rob Rackstraw (The Octonauts, The Mr Men Show (UK dub), Bob The Builder, Sooty Heights, Sooty's Amazing Adventures, Thomas & Friends) as additional voices and a baby girl named Berry as The Sun Baby replacing Jess Smith from the original series. June 2015: still no actors for the roles of the individual Teletubbies have been announced. At around the same time on June 2nd, the images of the teletubbies and the set are released here is the photo

New Teletubbies.jpg

And on June 11th Nickelodeon has announced that they have got rights to air the Teletubbies in the United States. In late 2015, the actors for roles of the individual Teletubbies were revealed, Colombian-born British-American actor, Jeremiah Krage (ZingZillas, Doctor Who, Nuzzle and Scratch: Frock and Roll) was revealed as Tinky Winky, replacing Simon Shelton from the original series, actor, Nick Chee Ping Kellington (In The Night Garden..., ZingZillas, Doctor Who, Strange Hill High, Star Wars (film series)) was revealed as Dipsy, replacing John Simmit from the original series, actress, Rebecca Hyland (In The Night Garden) was revealed as Laa-Laa, replacing Nikky Smedley from the original series, and stunt performer and actress, Rachelle Beinart (Game of Thrones, ZingZillas, Maleficent, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Les Miserables) was revealed as Po, replacing Pui Fan Lee from the original series, with backup dancer, extra and actress, Victoria Jane was revealed as Noo-noo, replacing Mark Dean from the original series. In 2017, season 2 was launched in honour of the Teletubbies 20th Anniversary. It was announced that comedian, actor, writer, television personality and author David Walliams (Little Britain, Britain's Got Talent, Walliams and Friend) along with singer, actress, television presenter, former member of S Club Juniors and The Saturdays and wife of former JLS member Marvin Humes, Rochelle Humes (S Club Search, Smile, Big Fat Gypsy Gangster, This Morning, Children in Need, Ninja Warrior UK, The Xtra Factor, The Hit List) were both confirmed as Voice Trumpets while puppeteer, Olly Taylor (The Dark Crystal: The Age Of Resistance, Muppets Most Wanted) was confirmed as the Noo-noo in season 2, with motion capture performer and actress, Luisa Guerreiro (Horizon Zero Dawn) as a understudy actress and actor, Ralph Reay (Topsy and Tim) as additional voices, David Walliams, Rochelle Humes, Ralph Reay, Luisa Guerreiro and Olly Taylor joined the existing cast of Daniel Rigby, Fearne Cotton, Jim Broadbent, Antonia Thomas, Jane Horrocks, Teresa Gallagher, Rob Rackstraw, Berry, Victoria Jane, Jeremiah Krage, Nick Chee Ping Kellington, Rebecca Hyland and Rachelle Beinart. The last series 2 episode was Tiddly Phone which was released in 12 October, 2018, and a third series is yet to be announced.

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