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"It's Time To Hear the Horns!" was released in 2004 and the VHS tape was the same as the US version of the episode Long Horns. This VHS tape was very rare and was later discontinued at least 3 years and no longer sold in stores. This volume was never released on DVD.

Opening Sequences

  1. Intro (Po was the missing teletubby in both versions)


  1. Laa-Laa Makes Noises on the Panel
  2. TV Event - Long Horns (Laa Laa is chosen and it plays twice)
  3. Little Bo Peep (New Magical Event) (US Version only)
  4. The Follow The Leader Dance (US Version only)

Closing Sequences

  1. Tubby Bye-Bye (Laa Laa was the boo shouter in the US Version)



Teletubbies- It's Time to Hear the Horns!


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