"Teletubbies: It's Time to Crawl!" is one of the VHS volumes in the USA. It is a single episode on a video tape. Its one of the 4 bonus episodes released. This episode goes like any other episode

Teletubbies enter their home, they say hello to the viewer, Tinky Winky shows what he has to the Teletubbies. Which is Tubby Toast! All the other Teletubbies are amazed at the Tubby Toast. Tinky Winky then eats that piece of Tubby Toast.

The windmill then spins and its time for the TV Receiver Sequence. Its a video of young kids crawling around each room. They say goodbye then Teletubbies are disappointed when its done, then they see it for a second time.

The next activity is then the Teletubbies crawling. They each crawl in different paths. Tinky Winky goes over the path, Dipsy over the hill, and so on. They all crawl back to the same spot and They are tired after all that crawling, So they all crawl back to their home. Then they go off to bed!

The windmill spins once more, and now its time for the Magical Event! They all go see whats happening, then they stand there amazed as its the Animal Parade.

Following the event, the baby sun giggles and its time for the Twist Dance (as in the Funny Day video). Po is inside and she goes outside to see where they are Then after the Twist Dance, the baby sun giggles once more

Now it is time for Tubby Bye Bye.


  1. Intro (Laa Laa was the missing teletubby in both versions)
  2. Tinky Winky eats his Tubby Toast Standing Up (Walking The Dog)
  3. TV Event - Crawling (Po is chosen and it plays twice)
  4. The Teletubbies Crawl All Over Teletubbyland (US Narration)
  5. Magical Event - Animal Parade (US Version only)
  6. The Twisty Dance (UK Version doesn't have a dance)
  7. Tubby Bye Bye (Laa Laa was the boo shouter in the US Version)



Teletubbies- It's Time To Crawl! (Crawling US Version)

US Version: It's Time To Crawl! (better quality)

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