Teletubbyland is the far away hills and the place where the Teletubbies live.

There are lots of rabbits, colourful flowers (some of which can talk), trees and bushes all over the hills. Next to the Home Hill is the Magic Windmill. The Teletubbies love to play and dance over the hills. If something appears from far away, the Teletubbies will ask "What's that?" Then the narrator will explain. The Baby Sun is the sun of Teletubbyland also.

The Teletubbies' landscape is an outdoor set located in rural Warwickshire, England, at Sweet Knowle Farm, Redhill Bank Rd, Whimpstone, CV37 8NR (between Stratford upon Avon (where William Shakespeare lived) and Shipston on Stour, close to the River Stour). Since filming ended, the fixtures and fittings have been removed from the set, and it appears to have been flooded to form a pond (two fields South of the farmhouse, which is where the postcode points to on the online maps). The paved track leading to the former set still exists, and is the only extant reminder. Until recently, the MS Live Maps view showed the site "in action;" complete with numerous articulated trucks parked at the end of the track. That image is now also updated, but a copy has been preserved at this fan-site. The farm has found a new way to supplement their income; an aquatics centre (fish and pondplant sales).

In June 2007, the location became visible at hi-res on Google Earth, but the imagery (below) was still several years old.

The new Teletubbyland set for the 2015 revival is not filmed on location, but rather, in a studio. The actors and rabbits perform against a bluescreen, and are then composited onto a model set. This was done because location filming during the original series was subject to weather conditions. The base of the set was 3D-printed, and decorated with grass that had to be special-ordered from Germany due to the modelmakers not being able to get the proper shade of green. There are over 600,000 dried or handmade flowers on the set, of four varieties.


There are two pieces of music when we zoom to find a place for Teletubbies

1. We hear a soft tune in the Key of E played by a glockenspiel, piano, bassoon, flute and harp.

2. We hear another soft tune in a Key of E, and then it changes to the 1st soft tune and the key changes to G.

At the beginning of every episode of Teletubbies you see the baby sun rising in the sky by causing the sky to turn blue from a dark night time blue and after when the baby sun has fully rosed the narrator introduces the hills where the teletubbies live and then the teletubbies began to wake up and jump out of their hole and starts their day by singing the theme song of Teletubbies.



One of the voice trumpets.


A rare Teletubbyland clip

Teletubbies 08

Laa-Laa with some of the Talking Flowers.


The rabbits in Teletubbyland.

Baby sun rising in the sky at the beginning of every episodes of Teletubbies

The Baby Sun rising in the sky at the beginning of every episodes of Teletubbies where the blue sky gets brighter for the teletubbies to come and start their day.

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