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The Bear at The 'Scary ' Hill.

The "Scary" Hill is a hill somewhere in Teletubbyland . It's presumably located on the left of the Tubbytronic Superdome. It is basically a grassy hill with trees and scary looking bushes and flowers. It is where the Teletubbies watch The Lion And Bear event from. This location first appeared in the episode Numbers-One

The hill is accessed by taking the path on the right instead of going straight on at the place where the Teletubbies hear the sound of the special visitor coming to Teletubbyland. After taking the path on the right, you must go in the garden of the house and take the path on the left of the house and then got to your left and then you have to sit down beside some flowers and in front of some trees. This is the place where the Teletubbies always watch the Lion And Bear when they come to play their hide and seek game in Teletubbyland. The Bear's hiding place is also nearby the hill.

Is unknowed the reason why the Teletubbies sit down on that hill. Maybe because is very tall and they are safe from the Lion and Bear.

The trees on the hill respond very quickly to extreme changes in the area.

In the original sketch, when the Teletubbies reach their usual place, they look around and turn to face the camera before saying: "Uh Oh!" in a frightened voice. They then jump up and down and after hearing the Bear's voice, the Teletubbies run down the path on the right, before they reach the hill and sit down. The Bear's voice sounds again and the Teletubbies become even more scared. Soon, they see the Bear and become terrified. However, as soon as the Lion appears they freak out and soon are petrified, determined to get away from the hill. As soon as the Bear and Lion disappear they say "All gone!" in a relieved voice and escape quickly from the hill, running back up the path and heading home before twilight.

In the edited sketch, the Teletubbies are more excited and joyful, as they arrive giggling at their destination. They look around, like in the original sketch and turn to face the camera, however, this time, they say: "Ooh!" and turn back, giggling. The Bear's voice sounds and the Teletubbies run down the path, however, this time more cheerfully, before arriving at the same location that they were in during the original sketch. The Bear sounds again and the Teletubbies giggle, before the Bear appears. When the Lion appears, the Teletubbies are no longer scared of him, as they find him more humourous and jolly.

The hill appears in some episodes where the Teletubbies gather up to see the Magic Windmill spin. Some of these episodes don't contain the sketch.


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