The Ball Of String is a Teletubbies segment. It appears in the episode Amy's Pasta and the video Uh Oh Messes and Muddles.

First, a Ball of String appears from far away, the flowers are very surprised  Tinky Winky is out for a walk, he stops and says "Eh-oh!"  He sees the ball of string and pulls and pulls it. Just then he hears singing. It is Laa-Laa! She walks in and says "Eh-oh!" . Tinky Winky says "Eh-oh, Laa-Laa!" and Laa-Laa then says "Oh. Eh-oh, Tinky Winky!" He shows her the string and then she walks to him and is very surprised and happy with a ball of string. Later, the two pull the string. Just then Dipsy walks in. He says "Eh-oh!" and sees the string, but he accidentally steps on it causing Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky to fall down and don't know why the string had stopped. They see Dipsy standing on the string. Po goes very fast on her scooter. When the other three and Narrator warn her to watch out for the string, she says "Pardon" and accidentally bumps into the string with her scooter. Then Teletubbyland is all covered in string, but the Noo-Noo tidies up all of it. The Teletubbies and Narrator say "Clever, Noo-Noo!" after he finishes tidying up. Then they give each other big hugs.

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