The Bouncy Tubby Toast is a Teletubbies segment. It appeared in the episode Monkeys.


The Teletubbies walk outside and say "Eh-Oh!", the Narrator tells them that it's time for Tubby Toast so they go inside their house/dome. Tinky Winky pushes the button. A  piece of Tubby Toast pops up and starts bouncing around the house until it lands on Tinky Winky's plate, three more pieces of Tubby Toast pop up and bounce around the house/dome and they land on Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po's plates. While they start to eat the Tubby Toast, the Teletubbies shake a little bit. They get out of the seats and they bounce around and bump into each other. The Teletubbies keep shaking and bumping into each other. They hit the walls, controls, doors, the Tubby Custard machine and the Tubby Toaster, finally, they stop bouncing and have a Big Hug.