Nah Nah Ne Nah Nah!

The Bear trying to escape

Chasie Chasies

The 2nd close up of the Lion during the chase.


The Bear running from the Lion during the chase.


The Lion chasing the Bear during the chase.

The Chase of the Lion and Bear is at the end of The Lion And Bear sketch where the Bear and Lion chase each other around Teletubbyland for no reason whatsoever, however the Bear does say 'catch me!' The chase is probably the spookiest part of The Lion and Bear sketch, due to the very uncanny way the camera moves, the very scary way the Lion chases the Bear, and the very scary music that plays in the background, as well as the bear's tongue noise and the lion's roar that goes on and on until they vanish. The chase is also factually incorrect, as lions can run at speeds of 50 mph and the top speed of any bear on the Earth is just 32 mph. A lion would outrun a bear by 18 mph and attack it. There is the original very scary horrifying chase, and the edited much more comical and very friendly chase.

We don't know what happens when the Bear and the Lion leave Teletubbyland in the original sketch, but the Bear might have been killed and eaten, or she fell to her death, but it almost certainly looks like something negative happens. But while most viewers think the Bear is the scary character/antagonist and the Lion is the good character, the chase sequence reveals that the Lion is the real true antagonist and the Bear is the good character and running away from him, perhaps because of his very scary nature. The chase is just meant to be a very simple game of chasies, but the way it's shown makes it much more of an escape than a very simple game with a very tragic end in the original sketch.

In the edited sketch the chase is much more comical and very happy, with the Bear being chased out of Teletubbyland by the Lion for "the crack of it!" (for fun) and the Lion has no intention of killing the Bear, the Lion and the Bear are just playing a very silly game as they leave Teletubbyland. The Lion is not the real true antagonist, neither is the Bear, the Bear is just portrayed as very silly and quite immature while the Lion is much more humorous and jolly, and the Bear will just go somewhere nice while the Lion also goes off somewhere nice as well. And the edited sketch has a very happy funny ending.

Synopsis: The original chase.

The original chase starts after the Scary Lion is getting very annoyed and very angry because he can't find the The Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair. After searching Teletubbyland he says "Where's the Bear?" three times while the Bear pops out laughing and he sounds a lot more angry and vicious each time. The Bear then pops out and repeats her joke and the Lion says "There's the Bear" before the Bear says "Catch Me!" with the Lion growling in anger. The chase is probably the Lion's reaction as revenge or punishment on the Bear for not being able to find her and being tricked. The Teletubbies are completly horrified and scream. The bear does her joke in terror as she runs past hills, through cuttings, on flat slopes, past trees and through Teletubbyland while the Lion continues to roar maniacally. The Bear becomes much more frightened and runs faster and faster while the Lion runs faster and faster starts growling very evilly and bloodthirsty. The Bear then runs faster and faster before the Lion gives a very bloodthirsty growl. The two characters then leave Teletubbyland with the Lion still chasing the Bear until they vanish, with the Lion's roar and the bear's joke still heard. It is also estimated that the Lion then chases the Bear to her death. Very frightening music plays in the chase with its very spooky tension as the Bear runs away from the Lion, the camera moves uncannily to represent fear and the views of both characters are extremely spooky. After the chase when the characters disappear the Teletubbies all say in a excited and relieved voice 'All gone,' before they escape from the hill, running away up the path giggling, and they run all the way home, and the magic windmill spins and then stops.

Synopsis: The edited chase.

The edited chase starts after the Lion is trying to find the Bear, but this time he is much more humorous jolly and friendly, and is having so much more fun trying to find the Bear. He then hears the Bear and goes to the same tree. He says "Where's the Bear?" three times, with the Bear popping out and laughing, and starts getting more annoyed, each time without losing his temper very badly. Very cheery and very jolly christmas piano music also plays in the background. The Bear then pops out and repeats her joke. The lion then says happily 'There's the Bear' before the Bear says "Catch Me!" in a very cheeky voice while laughing, which drives the Lion bananas, and he roars crazily. The Teletubbies then laugh in excitement. The Lion and Bear play chasies, with the Bear doing her joke and the Lion growling at her for being very cheeky and very immature. The Bear moves past hills, up and down hills, past trees, on flat slopes and through Teletubbyland getting faster and faster to get away from the Lion, this time, because she's misbehaving, rather than actually running away in fear. The Lion meows and roars trying to catch up with the Bear perhaps to tell her off for her very bad behaviour, with a cross non-very angry roar. The two characters then leave Teletubbyland with the Lion still trying to catch up with the Bear as she makes fun of his slower speed. The two characters then leave for a very happy ever after. The edited chase is much less scary due to the much more friendly christmas-like wedding music, the camera staying completely still in every frame, and the very friendly views of the characters playing a very silly game. It is also estimated that the Bear got a good telling off from the Lion. After the chase the Teletubbies all say in a sad and disappointed voice 'All gone,' and remain sitting on the hill until the windmill spins and stops, before saying 'Uh-oh,' and going home in the twilight. The baby sun also giggles at the end of this sketch unlike the original sketch just before the magic windmill spins and then stops.