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*Crazy Golf
*Crazy Golf
*Dance with the Teletubbies
*Dance with the Teletubbies
*Delilah Packing (US Version)
*Painting with Hands and Feet (US Version)
*Painting with Hands and Feet (US Version)
*Running (US Version)
*Running (US Version)

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The Falling Down Dance is the eighth of the dances that the Teletubbies do. It's like Ring a Ring o' Roses. It was first shown in the episode Drawing Cacti. The Teletubbies do this dance right beside the Windmill. This is one of the shortest dances.

The Teletubbies dance round and round some flowers but then they fall over and get up, they dance around the flowers again and fall over again, they get up again and dance around the flowers one more time and they fall over one last time and the dance ends.

This dance doesn't have an extended version but it does have a music key change at the end of it.

The Falling Down Dance appears in some various episodes

  • Drawing Cacti
  • Walking in the Woods
  • Finding Chocolate Eggs
  • Making Salad
  • Spray Paint Mural
  • Crazy Golf
  • Dance with the Teletubbies
  • Delilah Packing (US Version)
  • Painting with Hands and Feet (US Version)
  • Running (US Version)


  • The Falling Down Dance is filmed all in one shot.
  • In Walking in the Woods,and the US Version of Running when the Teletubbies finish the dance, the Windmill starts to spin with Sparkles close up, this is one of the rarest Windmill clips (watch english video to see it).
  • This is the second dance where Tinky Winky has his bag for some unknown reason, the other dance is the Walking Dance.
  • Crazy Golf is the only episode where the Teletubbies make their jingle sounds when they fall over.


Teletubbies - The Falling Down Dance

Teletubbies - The Falling Down Dance


  • After the Teletubbies fall down for the first time, a Jeep can be visibly seen in the background. 
  • The second time the Teletubbies fall down, Po's head almost comes off almost revealing the inside of the costume.


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