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The Puddle is a segment in Teletubbies. It was featured in Playing in the Rain and Here Come the Teletubbies.


A cloud appears in Teletubbyland and starts to rain, which leaves a puddle behind. Po is out riding on her scooter, when she stops and puts her scooter dwon and looks at the puddle. She asks 'What's that?' and she finds out that it's a big puddle. Dipsy then arrives when he accidentally steps on the puddle. Not very happily Dipsy and Po say 'EWWW!!'. Laa-Laa then arrives. Dipsy and Po tell her to 'Mind the puddle!' But she doesn't hear them and she walks into the puddle. All of them say 'EWWW!!' Tinky-Winky then arrives with his bag. Each of the other Teletubbies tell him to mind the puddle. He almost walks into it. But suddenly, he stops, looks at the puddle and says 'What's that?' Teletubbies sighed in relief and tell him that the puddle is 'EWWW!!'. He says 'Oh No! and suddenly jumps into the puddle, and splashes his feet! The other Teletubbies laugh. When Tinky Winky sees his wet feet, he laughs and enjoys splashing his feet. The Sun Baby laughs and unfortunately, their fun ends when suddenly... The Magic Windmill spins, and the Teletubbies rush to see the Three Ships. 

Alternate Ending

In Here Come the Teletubbies, the Animal Parade replaces the Three Ships.

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