The Scary Lion

The Scary Lion (with Big, Scary Teeth) is one of the two characters in the The Lion And Bear Sketch. He is shown to be an antagonist

The Scary Lion

due to the fact he chases the Bear in the very spooky chase scene at the end on the original sketch. He is a very intimidating and very frightening monster in the original sketch. But in the edited sketch, he retains a much more humourous, jolly, and friendly personality. He is very scary in the original sketch as he made the Teletubbies scream and his roar so loud it makes clouds move and trees in Teletubbyland shake (which usually happens in an earthquake) in the infamous part where the Lion is coming after the Bear hides. In the edited sketch, his face still is creepy close up. He mostly still speaks with a creepy voice, but sometimes he sounds more jolly. He even has a very funny joker like attitude with his very funny "Meow!" Lions can't say "Meow!" in real life. In the edited scetch, he speaks with a scouser accent, similar to Dave lister from red dwarf, but higher and more feminine, but is a cockney in the original cut, with a thunderous, baritone voice.  He is voiced by Eric Sykes. (1923-2012)


Appearance: Yellow Lion. Wooden, yellow body with brown eyes, tiny ears, larger brown nose, a mechanical mouth, long legs, blue skateboard, white teeth, brown/black claws

Friends: Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair, Teletubbies(in edited sketch).

Enemies: Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair (Original Sketch), Teletubbies (Original Sketch)

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Playing hide and seek with the Bear.

Language Differences

In foreign dubs of the sketch, the Lion has been given many different types of voices:

  • French - The French Lion speaks in a very deep voice.
  • Italian - The Italian Lion speaks a deep and slightly jolly sounding voice.
  • Dutch - There are two dubs of the sketch in Dutch, the Lion sounds different in the both of them whereas the Bear and the Teletubbies always sound the same. In See-Saw and Paddling Pool, the Lion speaks in a very deep and evil sounding voice. In most of the other episodes, he still sounds scary but slightly more cheerful and also laughs a lot. (In both dubs, he is voiced by Fred Meijer who also voices the male Voice Trumpets and is the singer of the theme tune in Dutch).
  • Flemish - The Flemish Lion speaks in a very deep and scary voice, sounding like he has a sore throat.
  • German - The German Lion has two different voices. From See-Saw to Irish Dancing. He has an incredibly vicious roar and speaks in an intimidating voice. Then from Dentist onwards, his voice changed, his roar sounds very like Chewbaca from Star Wars and he speaks in a less intimidating voice.
  • Swedish - The Swedish Lion speaks in a deep and slightly scary sounding voice.
  • Polish - The Polish Lion also has two different voices. From See-Saw to Becky and Jed Finding Eggs. The Lion has a deep, scary voice. Then from Irish Dancing onwards, the Lion has a deep but less scary sounding voice.
  • Czech - The Czech Lion speaks in a slightly deep but jolly voice.
  • Finnish - The Finnish Lion has a very vicious roar and speaks in a deep scary voice. He also gets much angrier as the sketch goes on.
  • Arabic - The Arabic Lion speaks in a deep but not very scary sounding voice.
  • Brazilian - The Brazilian Lion speaks in a loud, deep, intimidating voice.
  • Lithuanian - The Lithuanian Lion speaks in a deep voice, but doesn't really have a good roar. The voice actor in the Lithuanian version is the same voice actor for Dipsy and the Narrator.
  • Chinese - The Chinese Lion has definitely the most scariest voice. His roar is extremely vicious and he speaks in a very deep and scary voice.
  • Japanese - The Japanese Lion has a very loud and scary roar, and he speaks in a deep and intimidating voice.
  • Hebrew - The Hebrew Lion speaks in a deep and slightly scary voice.
  • Icelandic - The Icelandic Lion speaks in a deep intimidating voice. In the version with the male Bear, he doesn't start roaring until the third time that the trees are shaking.
  • Slovak - The Slovak Lion is probably the worst in terms of dialogue. His voice is deep and intimating, but he also talks far too much. Just after the Bear hides, he starts roaring right after the Teletubbies say 'shhhh'. Then when he's supposed to roar all around Teletubbyland he just asks where the bear is. He also gets much angrier as the sketch goes on.
  • Turkish - The Turkish Lion speaks in a deep voice. He speaks as if he's trying to sound scary, but he doesn't really sound too scary.
  • Croatian - The Croatian Lion speaks in a deep and scary sounding voice. After the Teletubbies say 'shhh', the Lion does a small growl , but unlike the Slovak version, he doesn't start roaring again until the trees start shaking.