Lots of Tubby Toast All Over The Beds

The Tubby Toast Accident is a popular Teletubbies Segment. It is featured in the episode Feeding The Chickens, the US Version of Orange Picking, and Here Come The Teletubbies VHS


Laa-Laa decides to have Tubby Toast, so she has a piece of Tubby Toast that pops out of The Tubby Toaster. While Tinky-Winky goes out for a walk, he smells the Tubby Toast, thinking it smells delicious. He goes to the house and he meets Laa-Laa. Tinky Winky tries to get a piece of Tubby Toast, but for some reason, the Tubby Toaster isn't working properly this time. He tries to get it working again, and the Tubby Toaster flashes its lights and it malfunctions. The Tubby Toaster shoots out ten thousand Tubby Toast and it engulfs in smoke (but miraculously doesn't catch fire), making the screen shake. Po wakes up to see what was happening and watches Tubby Toast flying everywhere. Tinky Winky gets his plate and tries to catch the Tubby Toast, but he keeps on missing them. The Noo-Noo tries to tidy up the Tubby Toast, but he also misses them, one by one. While Dipsy is also out for a walk, he finds a piece of Tubby Toast on the ground, and he picks it up. He sees that the Tubby Toast is flying from the house and decides to go inside house to see what's going on. The tubby toast is continuing to fly from the house dome, and the Baby Sun shrieks. Back in the house, the chaos remains for twenty seconds and the Tubby Toaster finally stops. There's Tubby Toast all over the table, the floor, the beds, and even Tinky Winky has Tubby Toast stuck to him. The Teletubbies eat all the Tubby Toast. There's lots of Tubby Toast for Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po, the Noo-Noo, and the rabbits. Just as the Teletubbies finish up, they see the Magic Windmill spinning (making the stop spinning sound) and say "Uh-Oh!" and run outside for a TV segment or Magical Event, or Tubby Bye-Bye.



Rare Tubby Toast

Toast book

The Flying Toast Book (1997)

  • Along with being shown in the home video, Here Come the Teletubbies, a book based on this segment was released in 1997 called "The Flying Toast".
  • There was a rare frowning piece of Tubby Toast seen when Noo-Noo was spinning.
  • In Feeding the Chickens, The windmill made the Stop Spinning sound but went straight to the Baby Sun instead of the Windmill Stop Spinning animation then Tubby Bye Bye. This indicates that the Windmill froze offscreen.
  • In the Here Come the Teletubbies VHS, The "Uh-Oh!" sound the Teletubbies make is the one from the intro, in Feeding The Chickens, they make a different "Uh-Oh!" Sound.
  • In this segment, the Tubby Toaster sounds different compared to other segments

Alternate endings

  1. In the Here Comes the Teletubbies UK VHS, The Playing On The Beach Scene replaces Tubby Bye Bye. The Windmill stop spinning sound is still heard. This also happens in Busy Day after the Tubby Sponges segment.
  2. In the US version of Orange Picking, Neither a TV transmission or Tubby Bye-Bye happens at the end, instead, After the narrator says "Lots of Tubby Toast for Everyone", it cuts to the Teletubbies cheering then cuts back to the same shot of the house seen before the Teletubbies cheered.


  • When Tinky Winky attempts to catch Tubby Toast with his plate, a studio camera can be seen on the left side of him.


Teletubbies the Tubby Toast Accident(HD)

Teletubbies the Tubby Toast Accident(HD)