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The Tiddlytubbies were first introduced in the episode Babies. They are baby Teletubbies and they live in the Tubbytronic Superdome with the Teletubbies and Noo-Noo. All of The Tiddlytubbies are voiced by Teresa Gallagher. There are 8 Tiddlytubbies. They are named:

  1. Ping (female)
  2. Duggle Dee (male)
  3. RuRu (male)
  4. Umby Pumby (female)
  5. Daa Daa (male)
  6. Mi-Mi (female)
  7. Baa (male)
  8. Nin (female)

There are lots of toys in the Tiddlytubbies play area. Lots of the toys are the same colour as the Teletubbies and have their aerial shapes on them. The toys include:

  • The Tiddlynoo - A toy version of the Noo-Noo that Daa Daa likes to ride on. In the tv show, the Tiddlynoo is just a ride-on toy, but in the Tiddlytubbies 2D shorts, It is alive and moves by itself just like the Noo-Noo. (In the early episodes of the first series, when the Tiddlytubbies leave, Umby Pumby rides the Tiddlynoo)
  • The Swing Ball - A red ball attached to a stand shaped like Tinky Winky's aerial. RuRu enjoys playing with this toy and sometimes it even knocks him over.
  • Bouncy Swing - A yellow swing that Baa likes to sit in and bounce up and down in.
  • Ping's Xylophone - In the second series, Ping has her own xylophone that she likes to play with. Each note has the colour and aerial shape of all the Tiddlytubbies.
  • Umby Pumby's Teddy Bear - In the second series, Umby Pumby has her own little Teddy Bear that she likes to sleep with. It is a small, green teddy bear with Umby Pumby's aerial shape on it's tummy.
  • Green Ball - There is a green ball that can be seen in some episodes of the second series. Mi-Mi is seen playing with it in Close the Gate and Teddy Bear. Duggle Dee and Nin are seen playing with it in Toast.

There are other toys usually seen in the background, but the Tiddlytubbies are rarely or never seen playing with them. These include:

  • Voice Trumpets - Four toy Voice Trumpets that are the same colours as the Teletubbies.
  • Coloured Balls with aerial shapes - In the first series, there are four large balls with the Teletubbies aerial shapes on them. In the second series, there are balls with the Tiddlytubbies' aerial shapes on them. (Nin and Duggle Dee are seen playing with the red and purple balls in the episode Noise)
  • Aerial shaped bead maze - Teletubby aerial shapes with wooden beads and rings on them.
  • Small swing balls - Four small balls attached to a pole (Baa can be seen playing with it in the early episodes of the first series)
  • Ring Stack - Four coloured rings stacked on a green base. (Duggle Dee can be seen playing with it in the later episodes of the first series)
  • Colourful Blocks
  • Orange See-Saw - Seen only in the first series.
  • Rainbow with coloured dots on it - Seen only in the second series.


When it's time for the Teletubbies to play with the Tiddlytubbies. A voice trumpet rises playing a trumpet tune and announces 'Time for Tiddlytubbies, Tiddytubbies Playtime!' The Teletubbies run over to the play area and watch the Tiddlytubbies as they arrive and the narrator introduces them. Then the walls inside the play area glow the colours of the Teletubbies and whoever's colour glows twice means that it's that Teletubby's turn to play with the Tiddlytubbies. They then walk into the play area and say 'Eh-Oh' to the Tiddlytubbies. Then 4 of the Tiddlytubbies (Either Daa-Daa, Umby Pumby, Baa and Ping or RuRu, Duggle Dee, Mi-Mi, and Nin) line up to play a game. The game usually involves the Teletubby doing an action and then the Tiddlytubbies copy them. Playtime then ends with the Tiddlytubbies crawling up to the Teletubby and giving them a hug. Then they wave goodbye and leave while the narrator says 'Bye-bye Tiddlytubbies, play again soon'.

Sleepy Byes

Sleepy Byes happens at the end of some episodes (except in Twinkle Twinkle where it happens at the start of the episode). It happens when the Teletubbies finish an activity or after Tummy Tales. When it's time for the Tiddlytubbies to go to sleep, a voice trumpet announces 'Time for Tiddlytubbies Sleepy Byes'. The Teletubbies start shouting in excitement and suddenly the voice trumpet turns to them and shushes them and they shush back. Then they walk over quietly to the play area to watch the Tiddlytubbies go to sleep. The window inside the play area closes and the Tiddlytubbies (Either Daa Daa, Umby Pumby, Baa and Ping or RuRu, Duggle Dee, Mi-Mi, and Nin) crawl onto the mat in the middle of the play area. The mat starts moving around and the narrator says sleepy byes to each of the Tiddlytubbies as they go to sleep. Once all the Tiddlytubbies are asleep, the mat stops moving and the Teletubbies finish with a Big Hug.

Song Time

In Season 2, the Tiddlytubbies have their own song. A voice trumpet rises and announces 'Time for Tiddlytubbies Song Time!' The Teletubbies run over to the play area. As the Tiddlytubbies arrive, the Narrator and the Teletubbies begin to sing the Tiddlytubbies song.


It's the Tiddlytubbies song, the Tiddlytubbies song, the Tiddlytubbies song, All sing along.

Tiddlytubbies Tiddly-Dee, Tiddlytubbies Tiddly-Wee, Tiddlytubbies Tiddly-Doo, Tiddlytubby Tiddly-Woo.

One (One), Two (Two), Three (Three), Four (Four), Five, Six, Seven, Eight (Five, Six, Seven, Eight)

Little Mi-Mi's always first (Mi-Mi, Mi-Mi) Daa Daa's on the Tiddlynoo (Daa Daa Daa Daa Daa) Ping is such a noisy one (Ping, Ping) And Baa (Baa) plays boo. (BOO!)

Here's RuRu head over heels (Ru Ru Ru) Nin and Duggle Dee hand in hand (Duggle Dee, Nin) Where's Umby Pumby and the Bear? (Where Umby Pumby and Bear?) In Sleepy Byes Land (Yawn)

Tiddlytubbies Tiddly-Dee, Tiddlytubbies Tiddly-Wee, Tiddlytubbies Tiddly-Doo, Tiddlytubby Woo.

The Tiddlytubbies song, the Tiddlytubbies song, the Tiddlytubbies song, what a sing along!


  • When questioned about the Tiddlytubbies at the BAFTA TV Q&A 2017, Billy Macqueen (executive producer of the new series) explained that the Tiddlytubbies were created as a way of showing the Teletubbies as being more grown up and caring. He said 'the Teletubbies 18 years on seemed so grown up... and we thought it'd be really interesting to see the Teletubbies caring. Cause we'd seen a lot of 3 and 4 year olds with their 1 year olds.... and so it seemed to be quite sweet to see the Teletubbies, traditional Teletubbies with the Tiddlytubbies'.
  • When the Tiddlytubbies were introduced, they got very mixed opinions from parents and fans of the original series. However, they are now very popular, and due to a heavy demand, a line of Tiddlytubbies toys was released in July 2017. This line of toys included Shuffle and Giggle Ping and Mi-Mi, Soft talking Mi-Mi, Umby Pumby and Ping and Clip on Mi-Mi, Umby Pumby, Ping and Baa key chains. So far there are no other Tiddlytubbies toys, so there are no toys of Nin, Duggle Dee, Daa Daa, or RuRu.
  • The Tiddlytubbies enter the play area through a small tunnel. However, it is unknown what is at the other side of this tunnel.
  • In the first series during Sleepy Byes, another version of the Tiddly-Noo can be seen in the Tiddlytubbies play area.
  • Apart from having their own song, in the second series, the Tiddlytubbies have more cameo appearances in some episodes (See list below). The Tiddlytubbies also have their own individual personalities (See individual Tiddlytubbies pages)
  • Daa Daa, Umby Pumby, Baa and Ping were the first Tiddlytubbies to be introduced. RuRu, Duggle Dee, Mi-Mi and Nin weren't officially introduced until the episode Tallest Shortest. Until then they were only seen in the background sleeping. When they were then introduced, Umby Pumby was sleeping in the background.
  • In some of the foreign dubs, Tiddlytubbies has a different translation. French - Les Minitubbies, Greek - Τα μωράκια (Morakiatubbies - Babytubbies), Polish - Teledzidziusie (Telebabies).
  • In the Greek and Polish versions of the new series, the Tiddlytubbies still have Teresa Gallagher's voice. In other versions the Tiddlytubbies are dubbed. However, in Sleepybyes, Baa's voice is the same and in all the foreign dubs of the episodes Purple and Breakfast, they always have Teresa Gallagher's voice.
  • In the Finnish version, some of the Tiddlytubbies names have been slightly changed. Umby Pumby is called 'Umpis', Ping is called 'Pinky', Duggle Dee is called 'Duly Dee' and Nin is called 'Niny'.


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