A bowl of Tubby Custard

Tubby Custard is a pink custard that the Teletubbies drink.

It comes out of the tap of the Tubby Custard Machine. It is unknown where the Tubby Custard comes from. Tubby Custard is quite messy that the Teletubbies have to wear bibs when having Tubby Custard. There are many incidents where the Teletubbies spill their Tubby Custard or make too much:

  • In Urban Birds, Dipsy spills the Tubby custard over his seat and doesn't want to sit in it.
  • In My Mum's a Doctor, Po eats too much Tubby Custard and gets Tubby Custard Tummy which makes her hiccup and have a Tummy Ache.
  • In Ice Skating, Po also spills Tubby Custard on the floor and Tinky Winky slips in it.
  • In Trickle Painting, the Tubby Custard Machine makes too much Tubby Custard and floods the house.
  • In Bubbles (Russia), the Tubby Custard Machine makes Tubby Custard Bubbles.
  • In Painting with Hands and Feet, Tinky Winky follows a trail of Tubby Custard footprints to see who spilled the Tubby Custard.

The Teletubbies love Tubby Custard.


  • In real life, the Tubby Custard is not edible, as it is made of mashed potato with red and yellow acrylic paint. Neither is Tubby toast which is made out of foam.
  • The 2015 Reboot uses some sort of Milkshake Powder and some fruit mixture.
  • In the reboot episode What's Your Name?, The Talking Bowl of Tubby Custard is voiced by Ralph Reay.


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