Tubby Toast is a round piece of toasted bread with a smiley face on it. It is one of the Teletubbies' favourite foods. The Teletubbies make Tubby Toast with the Tubby Toaster. Tubby Toast has also had some fun incidents involved:

  • In Feeding the Chickens, the Tubby Toaster malfunctions for some reason and makes too much Tubby Toast and it flies all around the house and even outside.
  • In Naughty Sock Returns, the Tubby Toaster makes lots of Tubby Toast again and creates a Tubby Toast Tower. This happens again in the reboot series episode, Tall Tower.
  • In Playing with Dough, the Tubby Toaster makes a very big piece of Tubby Toast.
  • In Pebbles, the Tubby Toaster makes lots of Tubby Toast and creates a Tubby Toast Pattern on the Tubby Table.
  • In Apple Pie and Monkeys, the Tubby Toaster makes bouncy Tubby Toast which bounce all over the house.
  • In Picking Chillies (Spain), Tinky-Winky makes lots of Tubby Toast and puts it in his bag. But when he opens his bag, all the Tubby Toast burst out all over Teletubbyland.

The Teletubbies love Tubby Toast.


  • When all 4 Teletubbies have Tubby Toast together, their Tubby Toast lands on their plates in a particular order: Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Po and Laa-Laa. In Dirty Dog, the order is different: Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky Winky.
  • In Feeding the Chickens and Picking Chillies (Spain), there is a rare frowning piece of Tubby Toast seen.
  • In real life, Tubby Toast is not edible as it is made out of possibly foam or plastic.
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