Laa-Laa and Po activating the Tubby Toaster.

The Tubby Toaster is a machine that makes Tubby Toast. It's a silver machine with five pink lights in the middle and a silver button on the side. The Teletubbies can activate it by pressing its button. The lights begin to turn on starting from the bottom to the top. After that, up to four pieces of Tubby Toast fly into their plates and the Teletubbies will enjoy the Toast.

There are times when the Tubby Toaster doesn't work properly and goes crazy. Although smoke billows from it whenever it has a problem for some reason, it miraculously never ever catches fire. The most well-known episode where this happens is Feeding the Chickens (also seen in Here Come the Teletubbies). Similar events happen in Washing Up (also seen in Uh-Oh! Messes and Muddles) and Picking Chillies (Spain) (also seen in most versions of Naughty Noo Noo!).



In the reboot series, the Tubby Toaster is no longer made out of silver metal. It is now orange, red and yellow and curved. The pink lights in the middle have been changed to red lights and there are six lights instead of five. It also has yellow lights going around the sides. It does have a button to turn it on, but oddly, unlike the original series, the Teletubbies are never seen pressing it.

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