The Tubbytronic Superdome.

The Tubbytronic Superdome (also known as The Dome or The Hill) is a home of the Teletubbies.

Original Series

It's a grassy dome-shaped house with 2 pairs of doors at the front and back of the house. There are also 4 windows. There is a hole on the top connecting to the pink slide that the Teletubbies can go up and down. Inside the house is a table where the Teletubbies have their Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast. There is also a control panel with colourful buttons and levers that make animal noises and funny sounds when pressed or pulled. The control panel also contains the Tubby Sponges. There are also 2 doors on each side of the entrances/exits of the house, but it is unknown what's inside them. Although people still think about what is inside them, they are just a decoration

There are 4 beds matching the sizes of the Teletubbies. They are pink and blue with grey blankets. There is a Tubby Custard Machine for making Tubby Custard and a Tubby Toaster for making Tubby Toast.

Noo-Noo is inside the house all the time. The voice trumpets rise inside and outside the house. The Magic Windmill is on a hill behind the house. There are flowers nearby the house. There are 2 paths that lead to two different hills: the right path leads to the hill with the Magic Windmill, the left path leads to The 'Scary' Hill, the place where the Teletubbies watch the Lion and Bear. There are a few other hills with trees on them.

In the programme, it is always referred to as just 'the house' or 'home'. the film crew would refer to it as the Dome.


The Tubbytronic Superdome in the 2015 series, now called 'Home Dome'.

In the reboot, the outside almost remains the same but now has flowers and lumps on it. The doors and the windows are yellow and the small tunnel leading to the doors is gone.There are now six windows instead of four, and the back door has been turned into a window inside the Tiddlytubbies play area. The hole on top of the house now has a ring around it. While the inside has been completely redesigned. It is no longer futuristic and made out of metal, instead, it is now pink and yellow and has white walls which seem to be made out of inflated material. The slide is also gone and has been replaced with a lift called the Dup-Dup.

It also has a grass floor and four orange beds, each with blankets and pillows that match each Teletubbies' colour. The Tubby Custard Machine has been redesigned into a train-like ride so that the Teletubbies can ride around the house and outside in Teletubbyland. In addition to this, it has a Tubby Phone on the control panel and a playroom where the Tiddlytubbies play. These redesigned sets make the 2015 series seem less canon to the original series.


  • After the original series had finished, the set was left abandoned. The doors, windows of the house were covered with tarpaulins as usual protocol during time the crew were not filming, the windows were removed and the windmill was left lying in it's folded down position uncovered.
  • Since around 2005, the original Tubbytronic Superdome set has been flattened out and turned into a pond (See Gallery). This was due to in the contract signed when the site to become teletubbyland had a agreement that the land would be returned to farmland after filming ended. Owners of the property also turned it into a pond to deteur tourists trespassing on the land as several people disturbing the animals and farm opperations to see the former site.
  • In possibly early 2000's, Dom Joly went to Teletubby Land with people dressed up as old animated TV characters such as Ninja Turtles and Buzz Lightyear.
  • During filming if the weather got too hot or raining, the crew would film scenes inside the dome.
  • On the reboot series, BBC decided to change the land to the one set in the studio due to the weather conditions from the original series.
  • During the construction of the dome, the windows of the dome were bent; it was unknown if it was replaced or flattened.


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