Uh-Oh! Messes & Muddles, retitled Funny Day in American releases, is the fifth volume in the Teletubbies VHS series. It was released in 1998 by BBC and Ragdoll Productions and 1999 in the US by PBS.


There, all tidy! (From Washing Up)

The Twisty Dance

Painting with Hands and Feet

The Ball of String (From Amy's Pasta)

Dirty Seat (From Urban Birds)

Bubble Pictures

Tubby Custard Cloud (From Swimming with Stephanie)

The Singing Man in the Pink House (Bottom left window)

Tubby Bye Bye

Featuring: Ella & Lilly Ainsworth, Emma Beaumont, Christopher Chavez, Rebecca Goldberg, Edward Grant, Saeka Hirari, Tom Jewitt, Daisy & Ned Keogh, Jack Murray, Samantha Nguitgeu, Amy Pittorino, Hartej Ranvanda, Ben Shepherd, Tomas Shepherd, Roisheen Smith, Charlie Snell, Pheobe Syms, Rupinder Vig and The Children of St Bede's Prep School Nursery


  • Po was the boo shouter.
  • The missing teletubby was Laa-Laa. Po was the missing teletubby in Russian and Lithuanian Versions.
  • This VHS also had a Limited Edition release which included a free apron (See Gallery).
  • The Tubby Custard Cloud scene is the only scene to have Dave Thompson as Tinky Winky.
  • This VHS has the rabbits' song (same version from Swimming with Stephanie used as a transition into the Tubby Custard Cloud where the camera cuts fading to the opening shot 'Home Hill 2') However, in this VHS, the rabbits' song is used as a transition into the Twisty Dance. Instead, the Tubby Custard Cloud opens with the opening shot 'Field 1'.
  • This is the only video to end with a Magical Event.
  • In the US version, the end credits start after the Narrator says "Teletubbies say goodbye".
  • This is the last tape to have the PBS Kids P-Pals from 1993. The rest will be starting with Dot and Dash. (only in the US version).
  • In the Lithuanian and Russian versions, the Twisty Dance replaced with the Jumping Dance on the path. Also, the bottom left window of the Magic House replaced with the top right window.


Teletubbies - Uh Oh! Messes and Muddles VHS (1998)

Teletubbies - Uh Oh! Messes and Muddles VHS (1998)

Teletubbies Funny Day

Teletubbies Funny Day

US Version(Funny Day)


  • In the Latvian version during the Rabbit montage and half of the Twisty Dance, there is no audio. Then halfway through the Twisty Dance the audio from the Conga segment from Painting with Hands and Feet plays over the footage. Also during the Magic House, the Jumping Dance audio from Swimming with Stephanie plays over the footage.

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