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  • I live in Teletubbyland
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is Being a Teletubby
  • I am a very nice person

Hi! I'm Prettykitty32! I'm very nice and friendly! I love Teletubbies, Thomas and Friends, Sesame Street ,Play With Me Sesame,Tots TV, Barney & Friends, and more. I'm 100% Teletubbies Fan! It's my favorite TV Show of all time! I'm now an admin! Please leave a message or comment! Love,Prettykitty32.


Favorite Teletubbies (in order)

  1. Po
  2. Laa-Laa
  3. Tinky-Winky
  4. Dipsy
  5. Noo Noo

Favorite Magical Events (in order)

  1. The Lion and Bear
  2. The Singing Man in the Pink House
  3. Animal Parade
  4. Little Bo Peep and her Sheep
  5. Dancing Bear
  6. 3 Ships
  7. The Magic Tree
  8. Magic Train
  9. Magic Clouds

Favorite TV Event Adults (in order)

  1. Funny Lady
  2. Debbie
  3. Storyteller Lady
  4. King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys
  5. Andy Brown
  6. Alex (Alex Pasacall)
  7. Norris

Favorite Love Couples (in order)

Main Couples

  1. Tinky-WinkyXPo
  2. DipsyXLaa-Laa

Rival Couples

  1. DipsyXPo
  2. Tinky-WinkyXLaa-Laa

Same Gender Couples

  1. Tinky-WinkyXDipsy
  2. Laa-LaaXPo


  1. Noo-NooXBaby Sun

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