The Voice Trumpets are supporting characters in Teletubbies.


The Voice Trumpets can be found throughout Teletubbyland. They resemble speakers and have both male and female adult voices. At the beginning of every episode, they rise to let the Teletubbies know it's time for their show ("Time for Teletubbies!"). They rise up out of the ground and entertain the Teletubbies by: Making animal sounds, singing nursery rhymes and giving instructions. At the end of every episode, a Voice Trumpet rises to let the Teletubbies know that it is time to say goodbye. They (and the Narrator) are the only characters who speak in complete sentences and act similarly to supervisors for the Teletubbies.


The Voice Trumpets are mostly silver with golden brown speakers. They are all nearly identical and made of metal. There appear to be five different models for the Voice Trumpets, with the main difference between these five models being the size of their heads and the patterns of holes in the speakers. The five models are all shown in the intro, and all five even appear in some episodes. However, a rare model was seen in Naughty Cloud and Numbers - 7


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